Blockchain Development Studio


brainbot technologies is a blockchain development studio, creating the core building blocks to scale the technology towards broad adoption of public blockchain systems. As an early and major contributor to the core development of Ethereum we are committed to advancing the technology and are working on a range of complementary projects.


brainbot engages in partnerships with enterprises as well as startups which seek to leverage blockchain technology to innovate. We assist in the entire process of translating existing and new business logic into the paradigm of smart contracts on shared ledgers by offering the full range of services to adopt the technology.

About us

brainbot technologies AG is a software company dedicated to developing blockchain technology.

Originally founded as a machine learning technology company, brainbot has over 15 years expertise in developing scalable distributed applications. We are a fast growing internationally distributed team and are headquartered in Mainz, Germany.

We are hiring. Check out our open positions on AngelList.